Kim Dao’s Japanese Apartment Tour

We get to tour the apartment of Kim Dao in this video. This is exciting because it is a peek inside of her Tokyo apartment after a recent move. The video states that we will be seeing her “small Japanese apartment.” However, cozy is much more fitting. It is a very nice and quaint apartment that Kim Dao lives in from what we can see in the video. Kim Dao shows us that are shoes are placed neatly by the door since it is customary in Japan to take your shoes off before entering the house fully. Kim Dao shows us her dresser that is covered with towels for her guests that come to visit, her hair dryer, a bottle of water, and shower caps. Surprisingly Kim Dao shows that her shoes are in a rather small closet, but it contains several pairs of adorable shoes. The space is just the right size for one person since Kim Dao lives alone. Everything is neatly tucked away in each room and open space in her apartment. The kitchen and the bathroom are the smallest spaces in the apartment, but they are definitely functional and packed with everything that she needs. Her bedroom has a sweet collection of Pikachu dolls. Overall Kim Dao’s apartment tour is interesting and it’s fun to see how she packs so much of her style and personality into her apartment.

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