Wikipedia: Valuable Tool for All

A brilliant and quite comical moment happened a few years ago; Ed Summers released his program which keeps tabs on every, single correction made to Wikipedia that originate from anonymous Congressional users. That’s right! Even more intriguing, Summers set it to tweet out the changes on twitter for all eyes to see as the changes happen!

When you embark upon the twitter feed, @congressedits, you will find the most bewildering, humorous, and disconcerting Wikipedia edits imaginable. Many are legitimate edits, some are nonsensical, and others are buttering up one’s resumes. Mr. Summers would like this program to help create more dialog and transparency between the government and its constituents.

Most people have heard of Wikipedia, but some may not know the inner-workings. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which allows the viewer to not only read its content, but alter it as they see fit. It doesn’t have its own authors to create a Wikipedia page for those profiled on the site, but relies on information provided by the public. That can be a scary thought for those who desire their Wikipedia information to be accurate and factual. If the site is used wisely, either by managing it yourself or by hiring a Wikipedia expert from a company to help like Get Your Wiki, it can be a terrific advertising and marketing resource. Get Your Wiki is great because it takes all the stress out of the process for you. Its knowledgeable Wikipedia experts do all the work for you, while providing your online presence with an abundance of benefits and endless growth-opportunities.

There are many reasons why you should be listed on Wikipedia: You can create and edit a Wikipedia page, enhance your reputation, show integrity, increase sales and magnify your online presence. In addition, Wikipedia’s software developers created a tool called the Objective Revision Evaluation Service which curbs editing issues that may harm Wikipedia’s credibility.

One area where Wikipedia has admitted work is needed, is diversity. Most Wikipedia editors are white males, and it lacks representation in other parts of society. Wikipedia says this difficult to address because it’s open-forum is subject to the free-will of any who wish to contribute. In essence, the problem isn’t that the site’s one-sided, it’s whether or not individuals choose to participate.

To combat these issues, it’s created an outreach programs called “edit-a-thons,” where events are held to improve coverage of our varied world. Wikipedia is a valuable site for all, and it hopes to continue being pliable as times change.