How Sam Tabar has Reenergized Full Cycle

The chief operating officer of Fully Cycle, Sam Tabar, has big plans for the company. Having been the head of capital strategies at Merrill Lynch, it was widely expected that he would use his experience to reenergize his new company.

Tabar has an incredible record in business and law. With such qualifications, he is best placed to champion Full Cycle’s vision of shifting from overreliance on high-cost fuels to earth friendly alternatives.

Although he has not been in office for long, the company already exhibits a new operational trend and has already embarked on major projects to achieve this goal.

A practicing attorney

Even though he is the chief operating officer of his company, Sam Tabar is still a practicing attorney in New York. He has an MA as well as BA in law from Oxford, and he is one of the most respected attorneys in this region. After completing a law degree, he went ahead to enroll at Columbia Law School where he earned an LLM.

His early career days saw him turn his attention to business. Many companies from Asia were happy to have him as hedge manager. In addition to that, he worked with PMA Investment Advisors in Hong Kong. The ability to use his law knowledge to acquire assets for the companies he works for has made him a popular leader.

A multilingual innovator

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar is a multilingual professional. He can interact with different cultures and speak a variety of languages. This is the reason why he successfully worked with women in Asia and Africa through investments in THINX.

Coupled with his unique business strategies, these traits quickly turned him into a resourceful innovator. Any company that wants to grow significantly will want to have such a person as their chief officer.

With Sam Tabar, there is no doubt that Full Cycle has received a significant boost. He too could not hide his excitement when joining the company. He said that it is a perfect opportunity to take his covetable career to another level. What makes it even better is that he already shared the company’s vision even before joining it.