Repair Your Online Image with Search Cleanup

Entrepreneurs work hard to establish themselves and their brand. Getting all 5-star reviews is what every business owner strives for and in just a blink of an eye, bad reviews, and negative comments can send that beautiful rating on a downward spiral. These comments do not only affect your rating, but it also plays a huge role in the increase and decrease of sales. In the digital age, most consumers do research before buying products and services, which is why bad reviews really hurt! Customers who do their research and read reviews make educated decisions and all it takes is a single negative comment to alter their frame of mind and persuade them to not buy from your company or brand.

Gaining control of the situation can easily be by implementing a strategy using online reputation management services such as to remove negative reviews online. Sure, you can fix this yourself, but do you honestly know where to start? Here are a few things to keep in mind when making the attempt to repair your online reputation:

Responding to Comments Before You Think
This is a huge mistake and should never be done! Just because a customer is unhappy and leaves a bad review or slanderous comment on your social media page, doesn’t mean you have to hop on and in a ’fit of rage’ reply back directly addressing that person and their comments. This only makes things worse. Avoid directly engaging in heated discussions, as this method can have a drastic effect on your sales and business.

Focus on the Problems and Present Solutions and Sales
So, you’ve gathered your data and understand why that consumer made their comment. Focus on ways you are improving and offer promotional sales and deals. This will attract more business and give customers a reason to leave positive feedback.

You Went into Business for a Reason
As a business owner, you started your company with a goal in mind and a way to accomplish it. Don’t get derailed by negative comments or bad reviews. Stay on track and keep your business moving forward. Customers want to buy from reputable and respectable companies. Show your clients that you can take the hit and stay focus!

There is a wide variety of platforms that social media appear on and keeping up with them all can really take time away from your day. By utilizing your resources and reaching out to online reputation management firms like can help you clean up your online reputation and move forward with your business.