How EOS Helped the Lip Balm Industry go Organic

The lip balm industry was stagnant for decades without any notable innovations in it until EOS lip balm entered the market. Noting that the lack of innovation was an opportunity for a new market participant, EOS set out to find a niche portion of the lip balm market to enter.

The rest of the world had moved far ahead of the current lip balm offerings. Lip balms were created from artificial ingredients sourced from derivatives from the oil refinement process and not at all what many people wanted to use on their skin, even if it was successful in protecting their lips from a depletion of moisture. Customers often post on Facebook that they were always concerned with the sourcing of the ingredients that they used for skin care and were looking for organic alternatives that were all-natural and provided a superior level of protection, even if they were more expensive to obtain.

EOS was able to step into this market segment by offering a superior level of lip balm that was organic and all-natural and did not have the artificial flavor and taste that the competing balms had. They offered superior quality products with better flavors that resembled real natural foods and flavors like vanilla mint and strawberry sorbet, as opposed to the medicinal and original flavors of their competition.  See,

This product sourcing has made a real difference in the minds of customers who have increasingly been buying EOS lip balm products for the superior quality of their ingredients and organically sourced ingredients. EOS has been able to grow their business and become a well known innovator in what has been a stagnant industry. This success has allowed them to branch out into different segments of the personal care market and change their business from a nimble start up to one of the largest and most respected players in the lip balm industry.