Securus Technologies enables customers to solve crimes

Many people assume that, because prisoners are locked up, that they automatically stop committing crimes. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Prisons are some of the most crime-prone environments anywhere in the country today. Far from discouraging criminal activity, prisons often fomented, by bringing together violent, career criminals, who are forced to congregate together with nothing to do during the day except plot new crimes and devise ways to illicitly make money.


This dynamic has led to the rise of prison gangs, which are the number one problem that penal institutions in the United States face today. Many of these gangs are founded around one simple principle, making the most money possible. For many hardcore convicts, prison isn’t so much a place where they go to be punished, but a place where they go to thrive and get rich.


One of the main ways in which prison gangs carry out their illicit activities within the nation’s carceral facilities is over the prison’s phone lines. That’s why Securus Technologies, the nation’s largest provider of inmate communication services, has developed a line of investigatory products called JLG Investigator Pro. JLG Investigator Pro is a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of combating organized gang activities and other forms of systemic crime that takes place within the nation’s prisons and over their communication systems.


JLG Investigator Pro features a number of highly advanced capabilities. These include state-of-the-art voice recognition, which can immediately alert corrections officers to any banned parties and can identify all participants on all phone conversations that take place over the prison’s communication systems.


JLG Investigator Pro is also capable of transcribing all conversations automatically, then parsing them for any anomalous speech patterns or use of code words. This is a powerful tool in the fight against organized gang activity, putting into the hands of corrections officers the means to finally shut down one of the most serious threats to the orderly and efficient operation of the prisons in which they work.


How Securus Technologies Affects Communities Positively

If you are looking for a viable option of communicating with an inmate who may either be your relative, friend, or significant other, please do neglect the opportunity of utilizing a program that has been made by Securus Technologies. It is a great video chat session program that allows people in jails to communicate with those on the outside.


You may have found that it has been quite difficult to schedule an appointment within a specific time frame that’s considered to be convenient for you. With our regular day to day responsibilities and the busy times of jails and their inabilities of being unable to provide visitors with times in which they can visit within their preferred time slots in some cases, one of the best options that are available for connecting is by utilizing Securus Technologies.


The program as been created to not only provide an opportunity for inmates to keep in touch with others, but also for law enforcement agencies so that they may be able to use what is being said in the conversations as evidence to have the rights to begin investigative processes that may assist in solving dangerous types of crimes, some of which may have gone overlooked had they not been spoken about on the chat platform of Securus Technologies. This is why it is a great program that brings many benefits to people and should be utilized as a way to protect the community.


Securus Technologies has been accredited by the BBB and should be looked at as a viable solution of communications for any and all individuals who are involved with the incarceration process. It brings hope to inmates’ lives as they’re able to keep in touch with others despite not having an opportunity of seeing them in person due to visitation scheduling conflicts.