Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Continues to Push the Envelope

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a leading document and title company that was formed in 1991. It was originally a local title company that served its little area and sort of minded its own business. Today it is a world beater that the biggest lien release and provider of assignments in the world. Eight out of ten of the most notable and largest retail mortgage companies in America uses them for their document provider.


Nationwide employs over 570 people who are experts in their field and who do amazing work. The mark of a very successful company in the industry which Nationwide is associates is just how fast they can get the correct document transmitted to a customer and how accurate it can be when it gets there. Nationwide has a failure rate of less than 1% and a compliance rate of 99.8%. In layman’s terms that means that they are almost 100% right in finding the right document and getting it to its destination on a timely basis.


One of the major reasons Nationwide does so well is the state of its employees. The mortgage business is sometimes like working in a pressure-cooker because of the need to be right as much as possible in a rapid-fire environment. The new employees go through a very intensive training program for three weeks and are then monitored heavily by supervisors until they master their craft.


Workers do have additional educational and training modules available too, about 150 of them to be exact. These are available on a volunteer basis, but they are required in different quantities for various paths of advancement. Some of these can take months to complete and roughly 50% to 70% of the workforce is engaged at any given moment.


Nationwide Title Clearing is very particular about measuring their results over time and they have a very positive and active trailing document tracking project where past performance is studied and documented. Chelsea Seguin, the Assistant Vice-President of File Services of Nationwide states in a recent White Paper that she authored that it is important to realize the good and not-so-good results that occurred during your past. This is an excellent way to spot trends that can be positive so those items can be included in future work. On the other hand, it is good to be able to spot difficulties so that those items can be eliminated.


Nationwide has also been named as being in the top 100 best places to work according to the Tampa Bay Times. The company continues to grow and set new records in production, and there is every indication that all this success will continue as time goes on.


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Eric Pulier’s Early Life, Career And Charitable Activities

Eric Pulier is based in LA, California. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he is a well-known entrepreneur and author. He is also a philanthropist. Here is more information about his work and personal life.

Early Life
Pulier is from Teaneck, New Jersey and in the fourth grade he started programming computers. While in high school, Pulier started his own database computer company. After graduating high school, he attended Harvard University.

While at Harvard University, he was The Harvard Crimson’s editor. He also attended classes at MIT. In 1988, the entrepreneur gradated Magna Cum Laude.

In 1991, Pulier decided to go to Los Angeles to start his company PDT, short for People Doing Things. His company specialized in using technology to address various issues in the healthcare and education industry.

He went on to find Digital Evolution in 1994, and in 1998 Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC. Another thing Pulier did was play a huge role in building Starbright World, a social networking site that is designed for kids who are chronically ill. The site allows members to chat and post content, as well as meet other people in similar situations.

Eric Pulier has founded other companies and ventures. These ventures include Akana, Desktone and Media Platform. He also co-wrote Understanding Enterprise SOA.

It’s easy to see that Pulier is a hard worker and dedicated to his career. He is also dedicated to helping non-profit organizations. In fact, he is a donor to a number of such organizations. He is also on the board of the X-Prize Foundation and other organizations.

How Diversant and John Goullet Can Help Your Business

Diversant, one of the top names inside investment banking and John Goullet, are ready to help your business prosper. Investments are at the helm of what make a business great from day one, and Diversant has been the first choice for many corporations and entrepreneurs from their pre-launch. The very first step after a dream is to execute, but oftentimes the funding is the last place that a business owner gives their attention. Attention always goes to the planning stages, to making checklists, and also to looking for team members and an executive board. These are all important, but until you have the proper funding you can’t move forward.

This is where Diversant makes the difference for the sole proprietor to the major corporation. John Goullet, the Principal and CEO of Diversant knows what it takes to ensure that all of the initial funding for your business is there. Having founded Info Technologies INC. prior to the start of Diversant, Goullet has the experience and background to contribute to a successful financial plan for your business. The main focus for Info Technologies was staffing in IT, and yet these companies came on the scene after IT seemed to take a plunge. The IT jobs were dropping off the map, but Goullet had a better idea for corporations that needed IT help. It was all about providing staffing rather than hiring someone to come on board full-time, and paying out benefits in addition to the salary and training.

Goullet and his company Diversant, are now helping other corporations and entrepreneurs build their dreams with the right funding and proper financial counsel.

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Marketing, Merchandising and Sales Expert Ken Goodgame Takes His Talents to True Value

Ken Goodgame is best known for his current role as the Chief Marketing Officer for True Value Hardware, but he has had a number of notable positions during his successful career. He began by graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1980 with a degree in Marketing and Finance. From that point on he has continued to prove his marketing abilities with every position he has held.

Kenneth Goodgame has been employed with well-known companies like Rubbermaid, Home Depot and Ace Hardware. His appointment to the positions of Senior VP and CMO of True Value in 2013 has allowed him to achieve for them what he has for the other corporations he has worked with in the past. He continues to provide innovation guidance regarding product creation and packaging and continues to assist his employer to increase their brand recognition and define their promotions.

In addition to his marketing and merchandising credentials, Goodgame is also adept at creating smarter and more effective business strategies and helping to streamline the financial aspects of each organization.

Goodgame has always chosen to look into the future and help companies to determine where they want to be and how they can make that happen. He has managed to pair this skill along with the ability to recognize immediate improvements. He has proven himself to have more than just the ability to encourage higher sales through better marketing, but by identifying trends and learning how to adapt inventory to meet those trends. He shares these lessons as well as much more through a personal blog that provides a valuable insight into the world of corporate retail marketing. The tips within this blog teach others the value of using shelf space wisely and reminding retailers to pay attention to what is important to consumers.

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