Doe Deere, Queen Of The Unicorns Explains Her Success

The success achieved by Doe Deere has been something the Russian born beauty entrepreneur is rightly proud of as she sets out to explain just how she went from a singer in a band to one of the world’s leading cosmetics experts. Imagination and following your dreams are common themes in the story of Doe Deere as she explains just how she took an Online marketplace account to the mainstream without sacrificing her own ideals and business principles; the cosmetics created by Deere remain cruelty free and vegan to make sure their impact on the environment remains as minimal as possible.


The unconventional approach of Doe Deere has marked her out as always looking for new and exciting ways of doing business and pushing her Lime Crime brand on towards higher levels of success than have already been achieved. Born in Russia, Doe Deere always hoped to use her imagination to achieve the success she craved and eventually moved to New York in a bid to explore the fashion industry she was educated in during her time living and working in New York.


Over the course of her career Doe Deere has taken many risks as she has built Lime Crime from a single account with an Online marketplace into one of the world’s fastest growing cosmetics companies. Always looking for ways of improving her life, Deere had her first business as a 13 year old selling temporary tattoo’s; this entrepreneurial spirit remains with Deere as she looked to create her own line of clothing in the early 21st century and named her first Online sales account, Lime Crime. The name Lime Crime has stuck, even after the focus of the brand switched to cosmetics following the realization of Doe Deere that she could not find makeup to suit her own marketing needs.


Doe Deere believes it is important to follow your own heart when looking to start a business and determine which area of life an individual feels they are passionate about. Naming herself the “Queen of the Unicorns” in her regular blog posts and for her millions of Instagram followers the need to develop new technologies for the good of her company has never been more important to both Doe Deere and her constantly expanding Lime Crime brand.


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