Amazon Competes With Fabletics in Retail Clothing

When Jeff Bezos created Amazon he was looking for a company that would give people access to a plethora of products. He started with books, but he would move to electronics and a lot of different things. Clothing would be one of these things. That would be the thing that could eventually put him into competition with a company by the name of Fabletics. This has become the company that is connected to a chain of companies started by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. There are other brands like JustFab and FL2 that are also connected to the eCommerce companies from the family of companies started by Adam and Don. People were familiar with what JustFab was doing, and Fabletics would become the company that would build a similar presence in the athletic clothing world for women.


Kate Hudson would step forth and manage Fabletics in a way that would give it a greater presence because she was a celebrity. She had the ability to attract customers quickly because she had a face that was recognizable in commercials and print ads. Consumers would then be able to go to the website and build an extension of what Kate Hudson was presenting. She had an active wear line that was created for the Fabletics brand, and she continues to be very active in the design of the clothing that is sold on this website. Kate Hudson is very vocal about her love of the company she co-founded, and she has made it known that she wants to expand the brand on a global level.


One of the biggest things that she was trying to do bring this brand to consumers that may have previously considered Amazon as their store for clothing. Kate Hudson has a niche market and she knows that she can compete successfully with Amazon because this company sells everything. In other words, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos does not have the time and the effort to totally focus on customers that are seeking the clothes that are sold on Amazon. Jeff is trying to get as many consumers as he can with as much bait as possible. This is a different outlook from what Kate Hudson has. She has developed a company where her sole focus is women that are in need of athletic clothing for working out. She is not trying to market to men and children. She is not trying to sell anything outside of the lines of athletic clothing. This gives her a specific market that she can promote products to, and that is the reason that Fabletics has been able to soar in a short amount of time.


Companies like Amazon sell clothes but there is no one in place to actually promote the clothing line that is sold here. That gives take Hudson an incredible advantage as someone that can promote specifically to the demographic that she is trying to reach. Kate Hudson has really mastered the art of appealing to her target market.

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