Understanding the Fundamentals of Baltimore’s Property Market with Todd Lubar

Only a handful of realtors foresaw the housing markets collapse in 2008. Those exceptionally smart investors who saw the signs and consequently bet against the loans, at all levels, from the prime to the subprime mortgages levels went ahead to rake in profits ranging in the millions of dollars.

On the wrong receiving end of that upset in the real estate realm where millions of home and property owners not just in places like Baltimore, Maryland but all across the globe eventually. Families woke up to the shock of seeing half of their total investment portfolio erased in the span of a single trading day. Many of these never fully recovered to this very day. But, things have been looking up recently.

Safest Investment Bet

According to yelp, the market is experiencing one of its lengthiest bull runs. No one knows what to expect any more from the money markets. Will there be a market re-correction? If yes, will it make an impact when the interest rate hike by the FEDs only led to the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting new all highs?

The ripple down effect means the housing markets becomes profitable once more. In Baltimore, over the past two years, house prices have hit their peak values. They are 7% up. The banks are nowadays opening their doors to clients with less than savory credit scores. They’ve relaxed their lending rules and rates, and this has spurred enterprise.

Todd Lubar is a seasoned real estate consultant who was among the few chosen investors who survived the crash of 2008. In fact, Todd Lubar continued to expand and grow his portfolio even in the darkest hour. Mitigated risks and calculated investments are an integral part of the planning deployed by Todd and his team of experts at Legendary Property.

Rules to Buying a House

As a starter, heading out to look for a house alone can be quite a daunting task. There are so many technical aspects involved and one wrong step, and you’re done for. Your money disappears down the drain after you get duped by the fast-talking real estate agents to settle for a house which is in a derelict state and not worth the transaction. It is, therefore, a matter of utmost importance for you to partner up with a credible and experienced realtor at all times.

About Todd Lubar

One peculiarity with Todd Lubar is his willingness to go above and beyond expectations. His clients are a happy lot since working with Todd takes them one step shy of accomplishing their dreams and aspirations of finally owning a house in Baltimore’s quickly rising housing market. The median home prices currently stand at $243K. Todd is an alumnus of the Syracuse University. He runs the private mortgage lending firm Legendary Financial LLC.

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