Wikipedia: Valuable Tool for All

A brilliant and quite comical moment happened a few years ago; Ed Summers released his program which keeps tabs on every, single correction made to Wikipedia that originate from anonymous Congressional users. That’s right! Even more intriguing, Summers set it to tweet out the changes on twitter for all eyes to see as the changes happen!

When you embark upon the twitter feed, @congressedits, you will find the most bewildering, humorous, and disconcerting Wikipedia edits imaginable. Many are legitimate edits, some are nonsensical, and others are buttering up one’s resumes. Mr. Summers would like this program to help create more dialog and transparency between the government and its constituents.

Most people have heard of Wikipedia, but some may not know the inner-workings. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which allows the viewer to not only read its content, but alter it as they see fit. It doesn’t have its own authors to create a Wikipedia page for those profiled on the site, but relies on information provided by the public. That can be a scary thought for those who desire their Wikipedia information to be accurate and factual. If the site is used wisely, either by managing it yourself or by hiring a Wikipedia expert from a company to help like Get Your Wiki, it can be a terrific advertising and marketing resource. Get Your Wiki is great because it takes all the stress out of the process for you. Its knowledgeable Wikipedia experts do all the work for you, while providing your online presence with an abundance of benefits and endless growth-opportunities.

There are many reasons why you should be listed on Wikipedia: You can create and edit a Wikipedia page, enhance your reputation, show integrity, increase sales and magnify your online presence. In addition, Wikipedia’s software developers created a tool called the Objective Revision Evaluation Service which curbs editing issues that may harm Wikipedia’s credibility.

One area where Wikipedia has admitted work is needed, is diversity. Most Wikipedia editors are white males, and it lacks representation in other parts of society. Wikipedia says this difficult to address because it’s open-forum is subject to the free-will of any who wish to contribute. In essence, the problem isn’t that the site’s one-sided, it’s whether or not individuals choose to participate.

To combat these issues, it’s created an outreach programs called “edit-a-thons,” where events are held to improve coverage of our varied world. Wikipedia is a valuable site for all, and it hopes to continue being pliable as times change.

Securus, The Company Behind Video Visitation, Is Expanding

Securus is the kind of company I can get behind. They are innovating in technology in order to bring people together and to alleviate some of the major problems in our criminal justice system.

Many of you might not know this, but the criminal justice system is overloaded. You don’t have to look any farther than visitation day prison. A large prison can have a line that extends down the street for people waiting to visit with their incarcerated loved one. This incredible demand for physical visitation to put strains on the staff at the prison, can lead to delays and can even lead to family members being unable to visit with their inmate.

But Securus continues to innovate solutions to this problem with video visitation. All a family needs to do in order to visit with their loved one via the Internet through video chat is to create a Securus account. Once the account is been created, the family can schedule a time that works for the prison in order to virtually connect with their favorite inmate.

The great thing about this technology is that it is compatible with any device that can connect to the Internet, such as a smart phone, an iPad or a computer. This sets up such a great range in so many possibilities for a visit with your loved one in prison. You can take the iPad to the park with the children and virtually visit with your loved one to give them a sense that they are outside and enjoying time with her family. You can take a smart phone or a laptop computer to a birthday party to celebrate the inmates special day or you can take a smart phone outside to show the family’s new pet.

This technology is so easy to use that it may be used every day. There are no security checks and no stress put on prison staff in order to keep up with visitors so you are much more likely to be granted a visit through Securus Video Visitation.

Securus has been leading the tech industry in law-enforcement technologies. It is innovations like these that have seen the company expand its leadership team with the hiring of John Bell as the Senior Vice President of Sales. Through technology the company is alleviating the stress put on prison staff and law enforcement while keeping inmates and their families connected.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Eric Pulier’s Early Life, Career And Charitable Activities

Eric Pulier is based in LA, California. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he is a well-known entrepreneur and author. He is also a philanthropist. Here is more information about his work and personal life.

Early Life
Pulier is from Teaneck, New Jersey and in the fourth grade he started programming computers. While in high school, Pulier started his own database computer company. After graduating high school, he attended Harvard University.

While at Harvard University, he was The Harvard Crimson’s editor. He also attended classes at MIT. In 1988, the entrepreneur gradated Magna Cum Laude.

In 1991, Pulier decided to go to Los Angeles to start his company PDT, short for People Doing Things. His company specialized in using technology to address various issues in the healthcare and education industry.

He went on to find Digital Evolution in 1994, and in 1998 Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC. Another thing Pulier did was play a huge role in building Starbright World, a social networking site that is designed for kids who are chronically ill. The site allows members to chat and post content, as well as meet other people in similar situations.

Eric Pulier has founded other companies and ventures. These ventures include Akana, Desktone and Media Platform. He also co-wrote Understanding Enterprise SOA.

It’s easy to see that Pulier is a hard worker and dedicated to his career. He is also dedicated to helping non-profit organizations. In fact, he is a donor to a number of such organizations. He is also on the board of the X-Prize Foundation and other organizations.

How Diversant and John Goullet Can Help Your Business

Diversant, one of the top names inside investment banking and John Goullet, are ready to help your business prosper. Investments are at the helm of what make a business great from day one, and Diversant has been the first choice for many corporations and entrepreneurs from their pre-launch. The very first step after a dream is to execute, but oftentimes the funding is the last place that a business owner gives their attention. Attention always goes to the planning stages, to making checklists, and also to looking for team members and an executive board. These are all important, but until you have the proper funding you can’t move forward.

This is where Diversant makes the difference for the sole proprietor to the major corporation. John Goullet, the Principal and CEO of Diversant knows what it takes to ensure that all of the initial funding for your business is there. Having founded Info Technologies INC. prior to the start of Diversant, Goullet has the experience and background to contribute to a successful financial plan for your business. The main focus for Info Technologies was staffing in IT, and yet these companies came on the scene after IT seemed to take a plunge. The IT jobs were dropping off the map, but Goullet had a better idea for corporations that needed IT help. It was all about providing staffing rather than hiring someone to come on board full-time, and paying out benefits in addition to the salary and training.

Goullet and his company Diversant, are now helping other corporations and entrepreneurs build their dreams with the right funding and proper financial counsel.

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Marketing, Merchandising and Sales Expert Ken Goodgame Takes His Talents to True Value

Ken Goodgame is best known for his current role as the Chief Marketing Officer for True Value Hardware, but he has had a number of notable positions during his successful career. He began by graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1980 with a degree in Marketing and Finance. From that point on he has continued to prove his marketing abilities with every position he has held.

Kenneth Goodgame has been employed with well-known companies like Rubbermaid, Home Depot and Ace Hardware. His appointment to the positions of Senior VP and CMO of True Value in 2013 has allowed him to achieve for them what he has for the other corporations he has worked with in the past. He continues to provide innovation guidance regarding product creation and packaging and continues to assist his employer to increase their brand recognition and define their promotions.

In addition to his marketing and merchandising credentials, Goodgame is also adept at creating smarter and more effective business strategies and helping to streamline the financial aspects of each organization.

Goodgame has always chosen to look into the future and help companies to determine where they want to be and how they can make that happen. He has managed to pair this skill along with the ability to recognize immediate improvements. He has proven himself to have more than just the ability to encourage higher sales through better marketing, but by identifying trends and learning how to adapt inventory to meet those trends. He shares these lessons as well as much more through a personal blog that provides a valuable insight into the world of corporate retail marketing. The tips within this blog teach others the value of using shelf space wisely and reminding retailers to pay attention to what is important to consumers.

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Video Communication via Talk Fusion

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or company manager looking for a proven way to promote your products or services? Want to find a way to reach your target audience and market your offers effectively? May be you have tried many ways to run a thriving business and grow your business but were not able to reach your goal.

There are many marketing and business promotional methods and systems out there but it is important to keep in mind that some systems produce better results than others.

Talk Fusion, a leader in video communication service, has been around for years and is a highly reliable company. This company has created one of the most innovative marketing products in the industry. Companies around the world are raving about the fats and excellent results they are getting simply by using this fabulous product.

Every company or business person wants to be able to reach the largest number of potential customers possible, and convert them into cash-paying customers. This can sometimes be a daunting task if you don’t have the right systems in place. That’s where video communication service can help.

Most people cannot resist the impact of this fantastic marketing system and have to pay attention to the message, and in most cases, make a purchase or sign up for the service that is being promoted.

Talk Fusion develops state of the art technology for the long-term viability of solutions. The company focuses on creating effective marketing solutions that help businesses flourish and reach their goals. Backed by the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced professionals, Talk Fusion designs, builds, and integrates the video communication systems businesses and organizations rely on.

With Talk Fusion’s products, it’s fun, fast, and easy to set up marketing solutions, including eye-catching Video Emails for business, charity, or personal. Have a look around their website, then get in touch with them for more information or to ask any questions you may have.


Repair Your Online Image with Search Cleanup

Entrepreneurs work hard to establish themselves and their brand. Getting all 5-star reviews is what every business owner strives for and in just a blink of an eye, bad reviews, and negative comments can send that beautiful rating on a downward spiral. These comments do not only affect your rating, but it also plays a huge role in the increase and decrease of sales. In the digital age, most consumers do research before buying products and services, which is why bad reviews really hurt! Customers who do their research and read reviews make educated decisions and all it takes is a single negative comment to alter their frame of mind and persuade them to not buy from your company or brand.

Gaining control of the situation can easily be by implementing a strategy using online reputation management services such as to remove negative reviews online. Sure, you can fix this yourself, but do you honestly know where to start? Here are a few things to keep in mind when making the attempt to repair your online reputation:

Responding to Comments Before You Think
This is a huge mistake and should never be done! Just because a customer is unhappy and leaves a bad review or slanderous comment on your social media page, doesn’t mean you have to hop on and in a ’fit of rage’ reply back directly addressing that person and their comments. This only makes things worse. Avoid directly engaging in heated discussions, as this method can have a drastic effect on your sales and business.

Focus on the Problems and Present Solutions and Sales
So, you’ve gathered your data and understand why that consumer made their comment. Focus on ways you are improving and offer promotional sales and deals. This will attract more business and give customers a reason to leave positive feedback.

You Went into Business for a Reason
As a business owner, you started your company with a goal in mind and a way to accomplish it. Don’t get derailed by negative comments or bad reviews. Stay on track and keep your business moving forward. Customers want to buy from reputable and respectable companies. Show your clients that you can take the hit and stay focus!

There is a wide variety of platforms that social media appear on and keeping up with them all can really take time away from your day. By utilizing your resources and reaching out to online reputation management firms like can help you clean up your online reputation and move forward with your business.